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Thank you to Ronnel Cuison for the studio shots.

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Thursday, April 15, 20102:28 AM


Princess Ryan - Nagpasikat!
2:01 AM
Princess' performance in Showtime.

Watch the video here.

New Moon - Banana Split Spoof
1:55 AM
NEW MOON-IA (Pun for Pneumonia) - Sequel of Bon Twilight Chiriri Kong Twilight. Same cast: Princess Ryan as Bella Aswang, Zanjoe Marudo as Edward Kanin and comedian Pooh as Jacob Bulak.

Twilight - Banana Split Spoof
1:42 AM
BON TWILIGHT CHIRIRI KONG TWILIGHT - Banana Split segment where they copy Bella Swan (Kristin Stewart) as Bella Suman (Princess Ryan) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) as Edward Kanin (Zanjoe Marudo) - Enjoy the good laugh!

Watch the entire episode here.

Hair Asia 2009
Monday, November 23, 20099:29 AM
Princess Ryan was at the Hair Asia even this year. Here are the photos:


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Kapamilya Station ID 2009
Thursday, November 5, 20091:39 AM
Princess Ryan was spotted in the newest ABS-CBN Kapamilya Station ID with Carmen Soo and Maricar Reyes. The Kapamilya Christmas theme this year is, "Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko". A celebration of our country's unity despite the recent calamities.

View the full video HERE.

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We're going to watch a movie!!!
Monday, October 5, 20091:33 AM

No work today! Tom taping kame for your song! Popost ko na lang mga pics namin dito next time =)

bananasplit goes to Cebu!!
Sunday, October 4, 20091:43 PM
In this photo we have, Direk willie, Pokwang, Me, R.R, Jason, John and  Zanjo.